May | June 2021

1 Jun 2021

1. Executive foreword 

We did it! We, all who embrace South Africa’s favourite vegetable, stood up to be counted on 5 May 2021 to be part of history in the making. Representation arose from the potato value chain – including, but not limited to farmers, distributors, informal and formal sector, and consumers – to partake in Potatoes SA’s hybrid inaugural State of the Potato Industry Address (SOPIA). In case you missed it (or want to relive history in the making), click here to view SOPIA’s virtual recording.

This is just one of several upcoming ways we intend to disrupt “business as usual.” If ever there was a time to lift up the banner for the role potatoes play in our health and nutrition, doing it’s bit for food security and helping to create employment in our local economies, it is now. We’re coming to you on your screens, championing the cause on the airwaves, and elbow-bumping you at potato-inspired events. Subscribe to our newsletter, engage with us on social media, and invite us into your homes to guide you along our tasty, versatile and convenient potato-inspired recipes. Now is the time to spud as our heart-song grows all the more louder: “Long live the king! King Zambane!”

Yours in potatoes,

Immaculate Zinde,
Potatoes SA: Marketing Manager

2. Letter from the editor

A year ago, I got the opportunity of a lifetime. I joined a mighty nation that forms the basis of comfort food, is at the core of traditional dishes and sustains communities.  I became a tiny echo that sang like never before when syncing with fellow potato lovers across Mzansi as we embraced potatoes’ goodness of the earth.  In watching life break forth from the ground when covered up, engaging with various stakeholders, and listening to health experts dispelling potato myths – I came to the personal conviction that the humble spud, is actually, anything but humble.

Even as the wintery season enters, it was an eye opener to know that potatoes should not be overlooked this cold and flu season.  As I, along with fellow South Africans await our turn for a shot at the vaccine jab amidst the third wave of the pandemic; it is comforting to know that potatoes contain immune-supporting nutrients. In days like these, it is good to know that we are not alone. There is an entire Potato Nation calling us home. We are connected by a selfless, hearty king… humbly known as King Zambane!

Your spud,

Phindiwe Nkosi
Potatoes SA: Marketing Specialist


Potatoes South Africa, the mouthpiece of the potato industry, held the much-anticipated inaugural State of the Potato Industry Address (#SOPIA) on 5 May 2021. Guest speakers included Dr Brylyne Chitsunge, Pan African Parliament’s Ambassador for Food Security in Africa; and Economist, Thabi Nkosi. Willie Jacobs, CEO of Potatoes South Africa, delivered the keynote address. The master of ceremonies for the day was Penny Lebyane, radio DJ and well-known television hostess.

Themed #WhenHopeWhispers, the event shone a spotlight on the socio-economic challenges that many South Africans endured during the pandemic and showcased the indomitable spirit of South African potato producers during a time of unprecedented hardships.

4. Foodie Feature

Our featured foodie  for this edition is Ndash Food Concepts founder, Sthembiso Ndashe. He is also affectionately known as Chef Ndash by his fans.

 Potatoes SA (PSA): What do you think of potatoes?
Chef Ndash: Potatoes are my favourite vegetable. I can’t live without potatoes in stews and I love chips. I enjoy potatoes. 

PSA: What project(s) have you done with Potato Nation – and which one stands out for you (and why)?
Chef Ndash: My most memorable collaboration with Potato Nation was when I was given the opportunity to go to Gauteng’s Alexandra township and cook for the children at  Thuthuzela Aid Community Centre. This came as a result of the good work by Potatoes South Africa. I was so moved by the community and children that I ended up donating money from my own account. This led to a wave of kindness. Reggie Khumalo, a 
good friend of mine, also contributed.

PSA: How do you come up with new and refreshing recipe ideas? 
Chef Ndash: Food is like art. People evolve, and I always think about adding a twist to South African food. I can’t see my child enjoying simple tripe the way that it is now. I guess I like experimenting.

PSA: What’s your absolute favourite potato dish? 
Chef Ndash: Slap chips 

PSA: What do people not know about you?
Chef Ndash: I am actually very shy.

PSA: What can people expect from you?
Chef Ndash: We are working on something to bring kasi food into the burbs. I’m trying to keep it real by launching a place that offers a chisa-nyama plate with an authentic experience. Think of the simplicity of a kota, magwinya or rice with stew – taxi rank plate. Without giving too much away, one of the great ideas of this space is that we intend to give upcoming chefs a chance to come through and host dinners.

I want to identify upcoming foodies and chefs and give them a platform to shine. This is part of giving back. People don’t have enough platforms. It is all about creating an awakened food experience. Mind you, this is not just for black chefs.  The pop-up part of it is all about an experience. Ndash Food was founded in Midrand, so I can reassure you that we are looking around that area. Keep your eyes peeled as it is under construction and will be launched soon.

PSA: Where can people connect with you?
Instagram: @ndash_food  / _ndash

PSA: Any last thoughts?
Chef Ndash: I love South African food. I am passionate about it. Rather than being inspired by master chefs and celebrity foodies, our mothers are the inspiration of dishes that move me. Food is simplicity. I take pride in soul cooked meals. 

5. Ask an Expert

Potatoes and pregnancy

Potatoes and pregnancy may go together more than you think. Find out why!

6. Recipes

Classic breakfast board

We know you want this recipe!

Potato-inspired recipes

Tasty, versatile and convenient recipes!

7. Petrus Steyn Potatoes Golf Day

Potatoes South Africa (PSA) spread awareness of the goodness of potatoes at Petrus Steyn Potatoes Golf Day (2021), an event that was held on 14 May 2021. Members of this potato-growing community gathered around Potato Nation’s exhibition stand to find out about exciting potato recipes, receive nutritional information, sign up for our newsletter and  to learn various interesting factors about those in the potato value chain who give their all to make sure that potatoes are always fresh and always in season. 

With potatoes being harvested in the local community, it was exciting to see locals and visitors come together to see how potatoes were making a difference.  “The Golf day is our school’s main fund-raising project. Funds from this project will be applied towards sustaining quality education for our learners. We appreciate the way in which your staff treated us and made our day special by making promotion items available to the players,” said Mr Bosman, Principal of J.A. Malherbe Primêre Skool. 

8. Competition

Potato Song Dance Challenge Competition (15-20 June 2021)








The competition details will be loaded in the New Competition page on 15 June 2021. In the mean time, play, share, dance and engage with the Potato Song! Remember to tag Potato Nation!!!

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