Can potatoes help you reach your “summer body” goals? Yes!


22 May 2022

Someone once said that “summer bodies are made in winter.” Whether or not that is true, what is undisputed is that potatoes and sports go together like tongue and spit.

Sensationalism aside, one medium sized potato (150g), cooked with skin, is high in carbohydrates, naturally free of fat and naturally very low in sodium. It is high in the mineral chromium. In addition, it has a potassium content that is higher than most other vegetables and starchy foods.

Potatoes can help you in reaching your sporting goals by forming part of a healthy balanced meal and healthy lifestyle. In as much as potatoes step in to do their part, you need to do your part. There is no “magic pill” to magically transform your body. However, with knowledge, insight on how to choose carbohydrates wisely and insight, you can find out exactly how potatoes and sports is a topic that cannot be overlooked.

Text / Author: Phindiwe Nkosi