Quiz: How well do you know your spuds?


21 May 2022

1. Where should you store your potatoes?

a) In a dark, dry and cool place that is well-ventilated

b) In a plastic bag

c) Freezer

d) Fridge

2. What happens to potatoes when they are exposed to natural light (the sun) or artificial light?

a) They become green

b) They turn pink and then purple

c) They become sweet potatoes

d) They become great for chips

3. In ideal storage, how long can fresh potatoes be successfully stored?

a) 2-3 days

b) 2-3 weeks

c) 2-3 months

d) 2-3 years

4. What happens to potatoes when they are stored in the fridge where temperatures are below 5 °C?

a) The starch in potatoes is converted into simple sugars, so the potatoes will become glassy with a sweet taste

b) They multiply

c) They form seeds

d) The potatoes grow as it resembles the temperature below the ground where they grow

5. In warm places potatoes will…

a) Shrivel and start sprouting

b) Stop growing

c) Change into sweet potatoes

d) Grow

Browse through Potato Nation’s website for more information on how to look after your spuds and cooking hints to get the most out of potatoes. While there, visit our 500+ potato recipe section for free tasty, versatile and convenient potato recipes.

Text / Author: Phindiwe Nkosi