Top 3 potato-inspired recipes your mother-in-law (and future-bae’s mom) will love! 


07 May 2022

Mother’s Day (8 May 2022) is around the corner – and don’t you dare say potatoes didn’t do something to help you gain browny points with your inlaws! While our 500+ potato-inspired recipes on this website are all potential masterpieces, we understand that sometimes you need some help to narrow it down to what you should cook to impress the elder moms. Keep reading to see which dishes can make the spuds fall in your favour!  

  1. Hearty “hardbody” chicken in potato stew: Take your golden oldie, back to the days  before technology, where chicken were free-range by default and happily roamed around the countryside. Add potatoes, grown at their own time from the earth and harness all that love into one plate.  
  1. Fried cubed potatoes and carrots: Less is more. This dish proves it. Although simplistic in its offerings, the fused tastes, scents and satiety of this longstanding traditional dish, really goes a long way. 
  1. Potatoes and bean soup: Warm up with this hearty soup that needs no introduction. It is what it is – and the only way to beat the craving is to add just one more potato, to make the sensation last a little longer. 

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Text / Author: Phindiwe Nkosi