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How do we narrow the gap?

By Nkhensani / October 18, 2023 / Comments Off on How do we narrow the gap?

One of the key issues that is keeping me awake when it comes to the market efficiency of our potato trade, is the gap between producer and
consumer prices. All interactions
with relevant retailers conclude in
an intentional specific markup which
entails significantly lower amounts
than what the statistics imply. So, how is this possible?

So far so good

By Nkhensani / October 18, 2023 / Comments Off on So far so good

Current deliveries to the potato market are significantly lower
than in previous years, but it has come to be expected. The culmination of the past 18 months of turbulent economic events is clear
in the results we are seeing.

Hold on tight …we’re in for a rough ride

By Nkhensani / October 18, 2023 / Comments Off on Hold on tight …we’re in for a rough ride

The Potato Industry Forum (PIF) convened on 25 April 2023 to discuss issues pertaining to the
theme ‘Generating energy in the potato industry’. As is always the case, we took the issue head
on and with the benefit of a knowledgeable panel, learned about improved photo voltaic cells,
significant improvement in solar system efficiencies, alternative energy storage, and microgrids
as a way to exchange or share generated energy or capacity – to name but a few!

Balancing stocks andunderstanding complications

By Nkhensani / April 4, 2023 / Comments Off on Balancing stocks andunderstanding complications

Do we have enough potatoes? Will we have enough potatoes?And exactly how much is ‘enough’? Let’s start the conversation by first looking at some viewpoints or vantage points. Click on the link below to read more: https://potatonation.co.za/wp-content/uploads/1_CHIPS-Mar-Apr-2023_Intro-pages_Preface_Balancing-stocks-and-understanding-complications_Eng.pdf  

Precision amid disruption

By Nkhensani / January 3, 2023 / Comments Off on Precision amid disruption

As we enter 2023 with new plans, hopes and aspirations, we cannot help but feel despondent as well. Last year was a tough one and it seems as though there is no end in sight. Challenges abound and major hurdles such as our electricity crisis are not going away soon.

Sluit 2022 af met jou oë op die toekoms gerig

By Nkhensani / November 1, 2022 / Comments Off on Sluit 2022 af met jou oë op die toekoms gerig

Nou ja, hierdie jaar is weereens ’n bewys van hoe vinnig tyd verbyvlieg. Net nou die dag het JF van der Merwe, uittredende voorsitter van Aartappels SA, ons as produsente gevra om die 2021-kongres uit te stel weens die risiko dat Covid-19 ons sou verhoed om in persoon ymekaar te kom. En nou is die 2022 oerkwekersforum en Aartappels SA-kongres, met ’n geregistreerde deelnemersgetal van 378, reeds verby

March | April 2022 

By admin / May 2, 2022 / Comments Off on March | April 2022 

1. Executive Foreword  The rustling falling of leaves, sparkly raindrops, and falling temperatures reassure us that Autumn is upon us. As nature prepares to hibernate and consciousness levels awake to new heights, I am drawn to the realisation of potatoes as comfort food. < The taste, versatility and convenience of potatoes - along with their health…

November | December 2021

By admin / February 3, 2022 / Comments Off on November | December 2021

1. Executive Foreword  2021 closed on a positive note for the Marketing Division. Given the difficult nature of the years 2020 and 2022 brought on by COVID-19, it was necessary for Potatoes South Africa to give back to millions of South Africans who are exposed to food insecurity, as such a campaign called #passthepotato was…

September | October 2021

By admin / November 3, 2021 / Comments Off on September | October 2021

1. Executive Foreword  Potato Nation went all out during Heart Awareness Month (September) to share the nutritional aspects of potatoes that enable them to be part of a balanced heart-healthy diet. This was also the time to brag about potatoes’ unparalleled nutrient dense properties for managing cardiovascular disease. Yes, the most significant statement ever pronounced…

July | August 2021

By admin / August 26, 2021 / Comments Off on July | August 2021

1. Executive Foreword  The years 2020 and 2021, will go down in history as the years never to be forgotten. Everyone watched in shock and disbelief how a sub-microscopic infectious agent that replicates only inside the living cells of an organism turned the world on its ear. And… just this week, many South Africans watched…