Shorty is back, reminding Mzansi that “life is better with potatoes.”


19 October 2023

South Africa, you asked, and we listened! Alfred Ntombela has returned, and he has brought nostalgia and warm, fuzzy feelings back to the nation… and of course, his famous laugh (which all of you are hearing right now).

In the heartwarming long-form video, released by industry body Potatoes SA, Alfred captures the essence of life's small pleasures, showcasing how potatoes seamlessly blend into our cherished moments and consistently reignite memories of love and happiness. From hearty family dinners to vibrant social gatherings, the campaign highlights the indispensable role of potatoes in making every experience even more unforgettable and enjoyable.


"Our aim with this campaign is to remind everyone of the joy that potatoes bring to our lives," said Jaco Koekemoer, Potatoes SA’s National Marketing Manager. "Through Alfred’s charismatic presence, we are able to showcase the diverse ways in which potatoes enrich our daily experiences. Essentially, they serve to unite us, transcending borders and backgrounds, enabling all South Africans to reminisce about the happy times in their lives (including love at first sight or potato), and envision the future we collectively aspire to create.”

Against the backdrop of current food inflation, affecting a range of basket items in South Africa, including eggs and potatoes (here’s why prices have gone up), this humble vegetable actually chromium, potassium, vitamin C, vitamin B6, magnesium, folate, iron, fibre, and more. The fact is, South Africans encounter versatile spuds daily (did we mention that they are heart- healthy, low in sodium and gluten-free?), regardless of their culture, heritage or location. Let’s face it, we also find it hard to resist mouth-watering slap chips, baked potatoes on the braai and ouma’s delicious, traditional potato salad.

The campaign rollout, which encompasses both radio and social media channels, will also include a daily dose of essential nutritional information, along with intriguing and lesser-known potato fun facts, topped with some good ol’ fashioned myth busting – no, potatoes don’t make you fat! Additionally, the country’s culinary enthusiasts can expect to receive a variety of 'chips and tricks' that they can confidently experiment with in their own kitchens.

Have we tantalised your taste buds?

Watch the video on Potatoes SA’s YouTube channel here.